Meg Davis at the Ki Agency

I’m an established literary agent, representing writers in all media, and in all genres except non-fiction, children’s and poetry.

Besides working hard for my clients, I like to get involved with the bigger picture, so have served on the council of the Association of Authors’ Agents, and am currently on the council of the PMA (the other relevant trade association).  I’ve been on the negotiating teams for a number of standard industry agreements, and am also on the management board of PLR.

I love my job.  I’ll be telling you more about how I like working with writers ,publishers, producers – everyone involved in the field.

2 thoughts on “Meg Davis at the Ki Agency

  1. Dear Meg, I know your agency works with female authors.
    I write women’s literature. My last book, published in Italy with the title Tutto è perduto fuorché l’amore (All is lost but nothing), is a sweet comic and also dramatic love story. Would you like to receive the text?
    My Italian publishers are: Bruno Mondadori, Cairo e De Agostini.

    Thank you.
    Hugs and Happy new year,

    Francesca Colosi
    Via dei Transiti 7
    20127 Milan

    • Dear Francesca

      Thanks for your message, and Happy New Year to you too! I’d be happy to read your book if you have an English translation. I can manage some Italian, but publishers here would need it in English. You can email me at

      All the best

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