Short attention span

I’ve been working with Stephen Davis on a proposal for a new television drama series.

Stephen’s got a terrific idea, of course, but it’s a hell of a job to come up with a document that caters for a short attention span and still proves there’s a lot of substance to the idea.  The temptation is to spread out all the riches in front of the prospective producer:  Isn’t it a fantastic concept!  Look at these compelling characters! It can be pitched like this, but it’s different because of that!  Isn’t it exciting?!

So you end up with 12 pages of intelligent, subtle prose.  No one’s going to read that long a document.  The search is on to find 10 attention-grabbing words for the first two sentences – without compromising the whole idea.

It seems that the process with which we buy things involves a couple of seconds to get interested – or otherwise.  Once we’re hooked, we have a long attention span (assuming the series delivers).

But what a pro Stephen is.  I’m so looking forward to what he’ll come up with.

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