A Virtual Kiss

Heard about a couple of interesting social trends last week.


At Byte The Book, digital publisher Dan Franklin referred to our high streets being places where we socialize.  It’s not about shops, any more – coffee shops and restaurants define it now.


Another effect of the shift towards digital shopping is that some chain stores have been supported in one way or another by suppliers.  Publishers recognise that if Waterstones disappears, the only ‘shop front’ they have (with any range) is gone.  Equally, HMV has been propped up.  People need to see things, handle them, make impulse buys – even if they buy more books, films etc online.  So we’ll still have some shops to browse in.


However, with the advent of UltraViolet, we can buy films and music that are stored online, accessible by us anywhere.


Inasmuch as high streets will stay a combination of shops and restaurants, our ownership of media will stay mixed, I think.  I can’t be the only person around who fondles favourite books.  What’s changed my life as an agent is how – now we submit scripts by email – I can’t kiss them for luck as they go off.  But I can blow a kiss.  It often works.

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