Emma Adams’ play was one of three comprising Mauve New World at the Oval House last week.  It was part of their Outlaws series and commissioned to be shown at an early stage in development.  Emma’s tale was one of forbidden love, and in her usual absurdist way of looking at something serious, it was about a young girl with a growing passion for the robot-hoover.  She captured, in particular, that moment of ‘If this is who I love, what does that make me?’ as the girl discovers a plug socket behind her right knee: she may look normal but under the skin she’s the same as the robot-hoover.

Emma worked with director Sarah Applewhite, but due to the budget had to perform it herself.  While she was really nervous, Emma said she also got the chance to really examine her style.  She’s got a unique blend of deadpan absurdism while saying something serious.  Her take on a subject is always original – for instance, when she was commissioned to write a play about climate change, and looked at this through the lens of how people treat each other when resources are scarce.

The audience could see Emma was nervous, but she came up with a reason in the story as to why she would be, and they went with her.   Her funny lines and delivery got big laughs – but there was a shocked silence when she was brave enough to shout about how, if you don’t follow your dreams, it will kill your soul.  Big applause afterwards.

I’ll keep you posted as to how this play develops.  Personally I can’t wait.

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