Submission Guidelines

A number of people are emailing to ask what my submission guidelines are.  Since I’m still finding that a one-page website and a blog are easiest and most informative, I haven’t posted this information yet.

At simplest, I’m always happy to read a full script (film, TV, theatre or radio) or a synopsis and three chapters of a novel.  I’m not very good at representing non-fiction, so avoid it as much as possible so as not to cause any damage to anyone.  Other blind spots are commercial women’s fiction and literary fiction.  Submissions can be emailed to me at  A covering email with as much information about the writer as possible (in a professional sense) is also very helpful.  Email is easier for me than written submissions but I still remember how to read stuff on paper.  I aim to respond within 6 weeks.

I prefer free-range, organic, non-GM writers for maximum flavour, character and quality.  I like scripts of all varieties of drama.  With fiction, I do a lot of genre fiction.   None of this, though, is to be taken too seriously; like most agents, if something comes out of left field but I love it and think I can sell it, I’ll go for it.

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