Sorry, poor book

I love it that Taschen felt able to sticker their inferior books ‘Poor book’.  These often happen, even with the best of intentions.  Could this start a new sticker trend?

– Great idea, impossible to deliver

– Writer changed their mind halfway through; rewrites didn’t cure it

– We told the writer to do it like this

– We really wanted X and this is the closest we could find

– Delivered too late to fix

– Warning: misleading cover

– Warning: totally mis-cast

– We needed a comedy so we’re telling you it is, so even though the jokes are all about suicide and the protagonist (and his dog) die at the end

– We’re afraid to say no to the writer

– We’re afraid to say no to our financiers

– Someone else did this better first

– Warning: do not attempt to apply logic to the plot

– Warning: the trailer is better

– We forget why we bought this in the first place

Next week: stickers inspired by food labelling (plot 30% / descriptions 20% / porn 8% / characters 3% / sentimentality 9% / interesting facts 10% / lame humour 5% / clichés 8% / idiosyncratic additives 7%)

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