Screening season!

For some reason the pace of work seems to double at the beginning of September.  Screening season’s now begun, too – members of the British Academy (BAFTA) are being flooded with invitations to screenings of this year’s film award contenders.  It’ll ramp up even more just before Christmas, with stacks of movies arriving on blu-ray.  A film junkie’s dream.

Last night’s was a good one – although a couple of guys behind me were complaining about how awful they thought Snow White and the Huntsman was.  Unfair on a movie that rises well above a genre usually loaded with sugar, fats and additives.

Anyway, last night’s film was Smashed.  It’s about a young couple who drink too much – way too much.  It opens as the alarm clock goes off on a working day.  Hideously hungover, they find they’ve wet the bed again.  She’s got to shower, dress, and go to school, where she teaches six-year-olds.  A couple of scary episodes convince her to join AA.  That solves one big problem in her life – but exposes the other problems.

It’s not easy viewing but well worth seeing.

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