Proctologists of the Caribbean

One of the challenges of a digital landscape is being discovered.  Betjeman’s ideal of people standing around the water-cooler discussing what they all watched last night on the BBC is long gone.  There’s just loads of stuff everywhere.

A current buzz-word is ‘bundling’.  We’re used to this in music concerts, where they slip something obscure into a programme that also contains known crowd-pleasers.  Now, books, programmes and films are being also sold as bundles.

With books, we had the old 3-for-2 deal at Waterstones, where you could make your own experimental choice.  Where we’re offered bundles chosen by someone else, what will they choose for us?  And – as agents and writers – how can we get our cool but less-well-known stuff included?

Two possible answers are: write stuff that is quite like something else (‘If you enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ll love Proctologists of the Caribbean!’).  Or, write something cult-y (‘We’ve got to sell this somehow!’).

This may be idealistic of me, but I think it’s got to come down to good writing.  If a producer, publisher, sales agent or retailer is going to think about what to bundle something with, they’re going to choose something they feel deserves a wider audience.

Time will tell…bundles

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