Client news

Emma Adams’ latest play Freakoid finished its run last weekend to terrific reviews (‘you can tell your grandchildren you saw that Emma Adams before she was famous’) and an Offie for Most Promising New Playwright.  Reviews and more at Emma’s blog:

Mike Carey has delivered an outstanding novel based on his award-nominated short story, Iphigenia in Aulis.  The book is called The Girl with all the Gifts and is provisionally set for publication in November.  Meanwhile, the Arabian Nights-style novel he wrote with his wife and daughter, City of Silk and Steel, comes out on March 21.  He’s about to start work on a new film commission.

Stephen Davis is developing original TV series for some L.A. producers.

Anne Perry is hard at work on her next book in the ‘Monk’ series after Blind Justice, which is published next month.  In this, Rathbone is a judge –and has to face the ultimate temptation of whether to abuse the law in order to achieve justice.

Simon Scarrow ‘s third e-novella is nearly out:

He’ll be appearing at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (25-28 March) to promote his exciting new book, Gladiator: Son of Spartacus.  Young Marcus now works for Julius Caesar, but his mentor from gladiator school wants to mount a slave rebellion – and Marcus knows now is not the right time.

There’s more to come from Piers Bearne, Daniel Depp, Jo Drayton, Catherine Webb, and Tim Wilson, but nothing I’m allowed to reveal right now!