Don’t tell me what to write


New handbagIsn’t it lovely when your prejudices are confirmed?  Lisa Campbell’s editorial in Broadcast this week says:

“At Mip, we heard one overriding message from successful European creatives: it sounds paradoxical, but global success occurs when storytellers are encouraged to write for viewers in their own countries – and not the international marketplace.”

In other words, let’s concentrate on great stories, rather than stories that look like good candidates for co-production.  International sales follow if the story works well for a specific audience.

We’ve seen something of a renaissance of interesting foreign TV series in this country lately.  Clearly a UK audience can not just cope with, but enjoy, foreign programmes.  And ours are also enjoyed worldwide.  What these programmes have in common is that –although they’re aimed toward a home market – they’re not parochial.

It’s clear that good plots, good characters, and heartfelt writing and production, are still paramount.

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