Stories of your life


The film I’ve watched the most times (perhaps 30) is Star Wars.  When I first discovered it, I watched it obsessively for months.  Even the opening bars of the soundtrack (which I also had to have) would set off the craving.  Only in hindsight did I figure out that it was saying to me something I really needed to hear: ‘You’re not meant to waste your youth doing your duty. Go and have The Big Adventure!’

Those months of watching the movie, I was, perhaps, subconsciously nerving myself up to immigrate to Britain, ignore a university degree I no longer wanted to use, and look around for what I was really meant to do with my life.  I was 22.

It took five years (during which time I was working in a bookshop, secretly reading the entire stock) before I stumbled across what an agent is.  Starting as an assistant in an agency really felt like climbing into an X-wing fighter.

I’m no longer a Luke Skywalker in years – I like to think of myself more as the Han Solo of the business – but before I turn into Yoda, I can tell you:  some books, some movies, some plays are telling you what you need to hear.

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