Hopeful news for the UK film industry



There’s some good news about the British film industry (see the link above), although clearly there’s some work to do in getting more jobs for writers.  Let’s hope that the good performance of UK films will trickle down and stimulate more commissions for UK writers – especially women.

What can writers do, in the meantime, to increase their own chances?  A lot of rookies make the mistake of writing something that’s filmable on a small budget.  This makes a certain amount of sense – producers would be shy of investing a lot of money in a less established writer.

However, it’s mostly enthusiasm that wins the day.  When an agent pitches something, the producer can always tell if they’re genuinely excited.  When a producer is talking to their financiers, and trying to bring on board a director and cast who will help make the film viable, it’s enthusiasm that indicates there’s something special here.

So writers help themselves by writing a script that shows their intelligence, their heart, their soul, and their writing muscles.  That’s what sets the fireworks going.

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