A 4-hour ride in an elevator

file2901279389192 (2)I’ve been doing a series of writers’ events – the London Author Fair, the T Party, Get Writing, and next week will be tweeting for Swanwick and attending the LMA’s first literary event on Friday. It’s good publicity for an agent, you meet interesting writers, and you keep an eye on what’s really happening out there.
A popular feature of writers’ events is pitching sessions. You can’t go to one now without seeing a row of tables. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the writer or the agent look more horrified at meeting the other at last, or more appalled at what the other is saying. Whoever thought the elevator pitch was a good idea?
The good thing about the pitching process is everything else besides the pitch. It gave me a chance to smile at that terribly nervous writer who had 5 minutes with me on Saturday, and I hope my fangs looked reassuring. Someone else’s pitch document read like randomly generated words, until they explained the interesting ideas behind it. There were a few sessions where it was the writer and I knew we weren’t right for each other. There’s just no substitute for meeting face to face. I may have a name that should belong to a small Welsh fairy but I suspect that’s not how I come across.
#AskSwanwick at 8pm on Monday 7th April
LMA Spring Festival on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th April http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/lma