Headline news

breakingI promised news, last week, but the press release isn’t quite ready. The headline is that a new agent has joined Ki this week.
As revelations go, this is something of a strip-tease, but there’ll be more information shortly. I’m thrilled at this development, and have been concentrating on getting him up and running before the big announcement.
All rather delayed by this week’s features: Anne Perry’s visited from Los Angeles, looking relaxed and happy, as if her agent hasn’t been cracking the whip enough. Arlene Hutton’s play I Dream Before I Take the Stand opens next week as part of Sam Walter’s farewell festival at the Orange Tree; very sad to see him retire, not least because he’s got excellent taste in plays. And I’m about to finish the week by working on some figures for a TV option with an American studio.
And feeling grateful for those at the D-Day landings and throughout WWII and other conflicts, to see that we can get on with our business and our lives.