What will 2015 bring us?


Happy New Year, everyone! Here at the agency we’ve celebrated a very happy and successful 2014 with a Zen nod to our Japanese name. While I’ve been sitting in the lotus position under a snowy tree, I’ve been contemplating what the coming year might bring us:


Producers have told me recently that the US industry is so homogenous that studios are looking to unusual sources for inspiration – Turkish drama series, Brazilian soap operas, etc. Having spent Christmas enjoying Lilyhammer, this sounds to me like a refreshing new trend.


The current crop of films is heavily biographical: Mr Turner, Foxcatcher, Wild, The Theory of Everything, Effie Gray, The Imitation Game. Seems like we’re ripe now for a reaction to this. Perhaps Birdman will start a non-naturalistic trend. Or perhaps Trash will inspire a new taste for films not in the English language.


It looks like the love affair with e-readers is finished and sales have levelled off. E-book sales will shortly plateau. Since a high proportion of readers only ever buy their books second-hand, perhaps there will be a rediscovery of libraries, both online and actual.

What troubles my meditation:

More subscriptions (i.e. books, film & TV paid for by subscription). This doesn’t make things cheaper for the consumer, and is financially disastrous to writers.

What I’m chanting for:

More tax breaks and arts funding, especially in theatre.

Wishing you all a very happy and fulfilling 2015!


2 thoughts on “What will 2015 bring us?

  1. I have only just come across your agency and this Blog! What I am so over the board with is that I see you are sitting in the lotus posture. As a published writer who has just written his memoir on the significance of postures, and our need to unwind from our rut of automatic living and thinking postures — I do hope the query for the book I am just emailing you might click with your agency. ‘The evil is not in the world; the evil is in the mind. We see only a reflection of our own mind. When we perfect ourselves, the world will appear good’ — Sivananda. My very best for your agency. Jerome Advanier

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