In other news…


It’s been a lovely autumn, with the release of Mike Carey’s film The Girl with all the Gifts, which stars the amazing Sennia Nanua, Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine and Glenn Close. Other hightlights include:

Simon Scarrow’s new book entered the Bookscan charts at number 6. This particularly exciting story involves Macro and Cato having to defend a silver mine against native rebels.

The paperback of Claire North’s The Sudden Appearance of Hope comes out in January, so save your Christmas vouchers for this one! It tells of the strange existence of a woman everyone forgets, and is a jaw-dropping essay on social media.

Anne Perry’s next Christmas story, A Christmas Message, is out now: the perfect gift. In this one, Narraway and Vespasia journey to the Holy Land. Convinced they’re being followed, and taking a holy fool under their wing, they travel to a mysterious dinner in Jerusalem.

Mike Carey is developing some new TV series, and has started adapting his latest book, Fellside, as a feature film. He’s about to start his next book, too.

Kay Sexton has won the Woollongong Short Story Prize, and I’m just launching her debut novel.

Kitty Ferguson has updated her biography of Stephen Hawking, in celebration of his 75th birthday in January. Better ask Santa for more book vouchers!

Emma Adams wrote a short audio play for visitors to the Bronte Parsonage, as part of the West Yorkshire Playhouse’s Bronte season.

Lots more in the works!


It’s with enormous regret that we announce the departure of Daniel, who’s decided to resign from the agency and leave the publishing industry.

Daniel’s talents extend themselves to other pursuits in life besides being an agent, and we wish him well. We regret that there hasn’t been a way to continue to accommodate his clients.