The Ki Agency represents authors and scriptwriters, and run by me, Meg Davis.  It’s a new company I started in 2011; the media businesses have changed so much that I wanted to work in a way that fits the industries as they are now.  More plans for the agency are afoot.

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  1. The new site is great! A lit agency for the online generation… It reminds me to do more for my own online presence after letting it lapse recently.

    I hope all is well with you and the new venture. I’m midway through the UEA MA and adoring it (I did defer in the end in order not to go new-parent crazy). Just putting the finishing touches to a rather absurdly dark theatrical adaptation and beginning to hawk round a pilot for an absurder and darker still series. I’d love to discuss either of both with you if you have time, but best of luck either way.


  2. Hi meg. I have just found your site, But, you say nothing about submissions. Do you take them. I am a writer lived in London but moved to Germany,. I have had one book published with John Blake Inter,.”( The Young Gangsrers”) also on E-Book. and also sold a script to the BBC TV through Posidon Films of Wardour St, which was to be Directed by Alan Parker of Comitments Movie etc. It was on a Optional Agreement for two years. owing to a Dispute between Greg Dyke and Alan. it was given back to me, but was still paid 15 thousand pounds. I have still got the Script. My last Agent ( Abbye Agency ) took ill and closed down so i am looking for a new Agent. Would you be interested.? Eddie.

      • HI Meg.
        Thank you for your reply to me.IT was good to hear from you. Did you mean for me to send my. Manuscript ( The Contract Killer) or my Film Script to you, “The Boys From Nowhere”. My Script is in Manuscript Form still, not on Disc as the BBC did not return the Disc. Sorry i have note replied sooner .

        Thank You.
        8-1- 2013 EJP Murphy.

  3. Dear Meg, Please let me know what exactly you require in a query in the first instance for a book and a screenplay of that book I have written, called “YESUA!” which is a re-creation of the life of Jesus from a wholly Jewish viewpoint. I do not take sides but present his life as a Jew in his time and milieu.

  4. Are you looking for new authors? I have just completed a literary novel – and very readable too – and would like to find someone to represent me.

  5. Miss Davis, I’ve sent you an email with my ebook, A Stage For Traitors, in mobi, epub, and pdf formats. I also included a description and my thoughts on why I think the OHAL series can be a hit on a grand scale. Whatever your decision in regards to the story, I hope to hear from you.
    With respect,

  6. Hi
    I’m an aspiring/debut author writing in the fantasy genre and searching for an agent. Are you currently accepting submissions in that genre?

      • Hi Meg,

        I received two emails from you addressed to Andrew and I’m confused as to why you sent them to me.

        I am interested in finding an agent for my book “YESHUA!” and screenplay of that book. It is not fantasy but a recreation of the life of Jesus from a Jewish viewpoint.

        Edmund Jonah


      • Dear Edmund

        I’m really sorry if I got your name wrong. I remember your emails, and my reaction hasn’t changed. Apologies again for my confusion over your name.

        All the best

  7. Good luck Meg! Hope it’s all going well for you and Ki. Never easy going it alone and I take my hat off to you for doing so.

    Best of luck, have a great weekend.

    • Hi Elton
      A synopsis and 3 chapters are fine; just email these to me at meg@ki-agency.co.uk I don’t represent non-fiction, humorous sci fi, children’s or YA, and have a particular allergy against books containing dragons, unicorns and talking animals.

  8. Hello Ms. Davis,

    I’ve been following your website and blog for awhile now. I like the updates on what all your clients are doing, and your insights on changing concentration is brilliant.
    I am currently looking for representation for a book. It is set in a slightly askew magical world, similar to Mike Carey’s Felix Castor series. Are you still accepting submissions by email with a synopsis and three chapters?

  9. HI Meg. Spoke to you about my Manuscript a few months ag, But had a By- Pass after a Heart attack. In the meantime I am on the mend and would still like to send my Manuscripts to you. “The Contract Killer” and my Movie Script “The Boys From Nowhere”, Are you still running an Agency? Hope to hear from you. Eddie Murphy.

  10. Dear Meg,
    I am very excited about your agency. I will like to send you a fantasy manuscript I have recently completed. I will be happy to send a synopsis and the first three chapters.

    I look forward to hearing for you soon.

    Yours sincerely
    Rita Krogh

  11. Hi Meg
    It was actually by googling the name “Daniel Bouquet” that led me to you as he was my contact at Watson Little years ago when I managed to get a novel to a “second reading” from them. I still have Daniel’s letter and unless he was being exceptionally kind, they must have thought long and hard about whether to pick it up. However, for the next few years I focused on the music business but now I teach and have started writing seriously again. I have a first draft for a screenplay that I would love someone to have a look and I wonder if I might submit it for your attention?
    Many thanks
    Richard Musgrave

  12. Hi Meg,
    I like the look and feel of your agency – quality, rather than quantity! Love the Ki theme.

    I have a manuscript for a contemporary fantasy novel. Would you be interested in having a look?

    all good wishes

  13. Dear Meg

    May I please send you my novel for your kind consideration? It is approximately 105,000 words in length, and is a psychological thriller set in contemporary times.

    I have never written a book before, so this is my first novel book of fiction, but I have another novel with a similar background already on the go.

    With kind regards

  14. Hello Meg and Team,
    I would like to know if you would take time to consider my historical action/adventure novel, complete at 88,000 words. I am located outside The UK, in Bulgaria.
    Thank you in advance!
    Best Regards, Alex

  15. Dear Meg and team,

    I have written a Memoir called A Cattery in Spain and am working on a Science fiction story about what happens to us when we die. It is called Planet Zu Tu. I am an unpublished author but used to have a weekly column in the Euroweekly News. If you wish to see three chapters, please let me know. I live in London.

    Regards, Janice

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